What is QlikView?

QlikView is a modern, intuitive analytical tool which can be used in all social activities. You could analys

This is a great question. Business intelligence tool? Reporting tool? Tool for analysis? What is QlikView? We have another answer to this question.

QlikView is a modern, intuitive analytical tool which can be used in all social activities. You could analyze everything, from country population to space miracles. Pretty fast QlikView expert could provide meaning to the data you have. This tool is so powerful, it can handle billion rows of data with relatively small resources. With the power of your personal computer you could create amazing dashboards, perform hard calculations and use large data sets.

QlikView evolve during past several years. At the beginning it was interesting new tool, which provided ability for reporting. Now QlikView is way more than that. There are 3 very important strong points of the tool:

  1. Associative technology – thinking based on the associations. QlikView provides amazing capabilities for deeper dive in the your ocean of data. Drill-down, click on different related to your selections data and you are ready to go with the new report. Diving into the data is never easy, but QlikView makes it to look like it is. Choose your metrics and investigate them on many different levels, related to many dimensions.
  2. In Memory data load – QlikView is a fast tool, even if you are working with billion records and many tables. How is this possible? In memory data load is a standard technology used in QlikView. The tool loads the data in the RAM memory of your PC or Server. This means that you depend on the RAM capacity of your machine. The more RAM you have, the better it would be.
  3. Intuitive – QlikView is very easy to work with. One perfectly developed application is very intuitive and the end user do not need training. They just get in the tool and start making selections. QlikView is a smart tool, provides many chart objects, it is very important to have excellent developers if you do not want to have something, but nobody to use it. This flexibility of the tool is cool, but risky. Be careful. Follow design best practices.

This is just a brief article about what is QlikView. It is very important to understand, this tool gives you power to analyse any type of data, to help you with any problem, but everything depend on the developers of the tool. More quality data you add to the tool, better conclusions are present. The idea of the tool is to provide the capabilities and the power of fast analysis of daily problems.

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